As well as working with clients on a 1:1 basis with activities such as budgeting skills and cooking we also offer group-work at Progress including;

  • Social skills group
  • Newspaper group
  • Music group
  • Walking group
  • Relaxation group
  • Coffee Group
  • Breakfast Group
  • Swimming Group

We promote social inclusion, community participation and independence.ype your paragraph here.

Clients will receive further support from their keyworker in the following ways:

  • Providing a focus for communication about the resident
  • Ensuring the CPA remains relevant and up to date
  • Liaising with other care workers and professionals as necessary
  • Ensuring written records and information are communicated effectively
  • Speaking on behalf of the individual when appropriate
  • Ensuring on-going access to independent advocacy 

Promoting key skills

 We are a dedicated team with varying life and work experiences. Within our team we have a registered mental health nurse, an occupational therapist and experienced mental health project workers.

All supporting staff members have appropriate levels of experience; both within and outside of the care sector.  Their experience and knowledge contribute to an effective and professional staff team.

 Clients have an allocated key-worker and associate key-worker at Progress. Clients will be offered at least two key-working sessions a week and this will be incorporated into individual weekly planners.

Having key-workers allows for continuity and consistency for client care and also has an element of advocacy.

We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach; working closely with psychiatrists, community psychiatric nurses, social workers and other health and social care professionals.

We encourage clients to fully participate in the development of their own recovery support plans, allowing them to identify their own meaningful goals.​

What we do